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To bait fish has a different way. Some of them are more effective than others, but every angler chooses what he likes. Speaking of large and very large fish to catch that efforts should be made, the lure here is extremely important. After all, these types of fish like fractional food that is difficult to use as bait in principle. Therefore suitable for fishing or mesh bags that can hold a certain amount of toppings. Thus, the fish are not afraid of a large piece of food, and your bait will not fly down immediately after immersion in water. PVA materials for fishing are very comfortable and are a necessary attribute for many anglers. They come in varying degrees of solubility, because you should pay special attention to this and make a wet bait in advance. On the other hand, you can do a few dry baits, worms and used directly in the fishery.

For fishing, so use PVA bags. They are soluble bags with holes or not, that can accommodate a decoy. Fish is the smell of the contents of the package, it is dissolved and a hook at the center remaining slides bait, is invisible to the fish. Package is non-toxic and made from food grade materials. Furthermore, in this case, the fish have no fear at the sight of the hook - as potential profit. In PVA bag is securely tucked away and does not give recognition. With this package, you can create a very good and effective bait. The most important thing to mix into a package, was attractive to the fish smell. For example, chopped worms are perfect for bait, as are suitable consistency. The package can be put in a lot of maggots. However, remember that the packages are soluble in fashion, so if you want to put it in a damp bait should first use corn flour, which will protect the inside of the package from the dissolution.
Well-known method of catching smaller fish - catching a worm or small fish. For such a method can be a little one instance bait. To form a good bait to 3 -4 worm that can not fit on a single hook or profitable to take the place of the fish. Therefore used PVA yarns that are used to form the bait. Thread puts a needle, then it must be mounted a few worms and small fish. Such a node is placed near the hook, but it does not take place. Because the fish more likely not to get off the hook and a good catch. The thread is soluble in water, so choose the options that are dissolved as long as possible. You can also create a chain of fish, which is not a lure carp and reliably lead to a catch.
PVA mesh - this is quite a unique material that combines all the useful qualities of PVA yarns and PVA bags. The grid is formed by hand. If the volume of the standard package, and requires a certain amount of filling, the mesh can be shaped bait of any size and shape. Whether it is a few grains or artificial lures-balls or granular bait from the particles. In addition, through the mesh smell and juice filling get directly into the water flow, thus effectively lure fish. Because the network can be folded completely different kinds of toppings and not be afraid that it will fail. In addition, the grid has the form in which it even partial dissolution can keep the stuffing inside. Do not be afraid of the nodes on the grid scare the fish, because it is very thin and bundles will be completely invisible.

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